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Welcome to Auto Curators – The finest indulgence in car care.

We provide professional automotive curation, detailing and paint protection services. As Curators, we perfect what detailing started. By definition, Curators are care takers of fine things, of cherished collections, of valuable assets.

We are experts in paint defect correction, finish restoration, and a wide range of products to protect and enhance the appearance of your prized asset. From our HQ near Hook in Hampshire,we offer a well equipped Studio, or bespoke bookings via our mobile service, nationwide.

We rely on an established reputation for outstanding quality and results. Our results are purely the product of hard work and expertise. Our Founder, Paul Townsend, has been featured on television as a recognised industry expert both in the UK and America, for Discovery Channel’s Fifth Gear, and BBC’s The One Show.

“After receiving an M3 from the dealer in a shocking state I did some hunting for a Detailer. Obviously you don’t want to let someone loose on this sort of work without first doing some research. I then took a look at some of Paul’s previous work on his website. After dropping Paul a line, he quickly dispelled all my worry’s.”

November 2015 Press Release

Audi A8 W12 Transformation

1970 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage

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