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Welcome to Auto Curators – The finest indulgence in car care.

We provide professional vehicle detailing and paint protection services. We are experts in paint defect correction, such as swirl marks and scratches, finish restoration, and use a wide range of products to enhance and protect the appearance of your prized asset. From our HQ near Hook in Hampshire, or our branch in East London, we offer a well equipped Studio, or bespoke bookings via our mobile service, nationwide.

As Curators, we perfect what detailing started. By definition, Curators are care takers of fine things, of cherished collections, of valuable assets.

To best protect your car, we can offer you choices of the best ceramic ‘glass’ coatings, embracing nanotechnology to achieve aesthetic brilliance and unparalleled protection against the environment. We are proud to present our own ‘Auto Curators Signature Coating’, as well as being an authorised application centre for the wonderful Kamikaze Collection range.

We are officially trained agents for Llumar Suntek paint protection film. We exclusively use the flagship self healing, hydrophobic ‘Platinum’ film to protect vulnerable areas of your vehicle from stone chips and other impacts. Specially designed templates are cut using a state of the art wide format plotter, ensuring the best possible fit, and as close to an invisible installation as possible.

As part of our services, we can offer you all that you need for your vehicle. Paintwork repairs, wheel and leather refurbishment, even recommendations for secure storage solutions, all by working with the very best, carefully chosen partners.

We rely on an established reputation for outstanding quality and results. Our vehicle detailing results are purely the product of hard work and expertise built over many years. Our Founder, Paul Townsend, has been featured on television as a recognised industry expert both in the UK and America, for Discovery Channel’s Fifth Gear, and BBC’s The One Show.

“Paul from Auto Curators is a miracle worker. His attention to detail and passion for all cars ensures he produces perfection every time. I do not know how someone can work so hard, his work is worth every penny. “

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