Franchise Opportunities

Auto Curators franchise opportunities

Auto Curators was founded by Paul Townsend in 2015. Formerly of Shine On Auto Detailing, Paul spent nearly 10 years building his first venture from the ground up, within a fledgling industry. As the business blossomed, his reputation for quality spread, and he gained extensive technical and business expertise of the detailing industry.
In early 2015, the business was ready to expand and Auto Curators Ltd was born. The business has continued to thrive, ready for the next stage of our expansion, the Auto Curators franchise.

By establishing our own fully supported franchise network, backed by our high profile investors, such as Sir Jackie Stewart (more details here), we will make Auto Curators an internationally recognised brand. The integration of our franchisees into the business will bring local knowledge and contacts, enhancing our appeal to a broad range of clients, and empowering everyone involved to build their own success stories.

Auto Curators has a broad audience. At one end of the market is the affluent owner of a multi-car collection and at the other are those that are not particularly car enthusiasts, but want and deserve far better than what mass market dealer networks offer. In between there are a huge number of potential customers who will enjoy and benefit from our services.

The advantages of an Auto Curators franchise

  • Do you want to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, directly benefiting from your own hard work, success
    and commitment? An Auto Curators franchise offers you the opportunity to run your own business and make your
    own decisions, but with full support so you are not on your own. You will have an extensive range of benefits to
    help you maximize your potential – your success is our success.


  • Proven business model – Start-up businesses often fail because they are learning on the job, having to
    find their own way, and end up running out of money before reaching their optimum performance. Auto
    Curators is an established, successful business with a tried and tested business model.


  • Utilising our operational guidelines gives you a much better chance of building your business quickly, so that you
    don’t have to make the same mistakes as those who are trying to establish themselves from nothing. We
    will provide you with a complete ‘how to’ guide on running every aspect of your Auto Curators franchise.


  • A leading brand – a well respected and quality brand within the detailing industry. Paul Townsend is a founding board member of the UK IDA (International Detailing Association), and sits on the advisory board for Professional Valeters & Detailers (www. These positions are only offered to those in the industry whom are recognised and respected.


  • Your own exclusive territory – our territories have been carefully designed to ensure that each has a rich
    commercial opportunity of our ideal target audience. They are also optimised using the road infrastructure
    meaning you spend less time traveling and more time servicing your customers.


  • Personalised web presence – with nearly 90% of the UK’s population being active on the internet we
    understand how important it is to have a strong online presence. Auto Curators offers a centrally maintained,
    SEO optimized website with your own feature page, which you can personalise to include details of local
    promotions and customer testimonials.


  • Comprehensive training – Auto Curators offers a comprehensive training programme. You will be given ‘one
    to one’ time with your trainer allowing us to tailor your training and align it with your previous experience
    and business knowledge. We will equip you with all the skills you need to offer the best Curation service


  • Hands on, ongoing support – Auto Curators will help you establish and make an immediate impact in your
    territory. We are committed to your ongoing development and will work with you, whenever you need it,
    to assist you to grow your business.


  • Benefit from Auto Curators marketing strategies – We work with prestigious manufacturer backed owners
    clubs on a national and regional basis. National advertising and campaigns are planned to benefit the
    Auto Curators brand and therefore franchisees. At a local level, we will support you to plan and implement
    promotional material and ideas.

You don’t need to have any previous experience of the industry, or of running your own business, as full training and ongoing support will be given. However, if you are working within the industry already, there are still huge advantages to joining the Auto Curators network. Whatever your background, you must be highly motivated, hardworking, ambitious, professional with an attention to detail and committed to growing your business.

We hope that you want to learn more about an Auto Curators franchise. In the first instance, please use our contact form to give us your name and address, and we will send you our prospectus containing lots more information, and an Enquiry Form for you to fill in. The information you provide on that will be treated with the strictest confidence and will give us some background information about you, to help us assess your suitability to become an Auto Curators franchisee.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Townsend