Car Detailing Services – Meet Our Clients

At Auto Curators, we’ve found that there is a popular misconception that the car detailing services we offer is a ‘guy’ thing. Not so! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… To enjoy our services; you simply need to own a vehicle you love. And we know plenty of women who cherish their cars! So in this week’s article, we thought we’d introduce you to Emma Williams, one of our long-standing clients.

How many, and what cars have you owned since you started driving?

Not as many as I’d like to have owned!  I have a long list of dream cars. Nevertheless, here’s the back catalogue! I started with an Astra 1.4 TFSi as my first car (in maroon no less). After that, I moved on to a brand new Blue Astra GSi, which was a limited edition before they changed the model shape. I kept that far too long. Afterwards, I made a switch to German engineering. First I got a blue BMW 330CI Msport Convertible which sadly got written off. Next was a black BMW 335i M sport, then finally my current BMW E92 M3.

Of those, which has been your favourite car, and why?

Definitely the M3 I have today.  It handles like nothing else I’ve ever driven. It steers like it’s on rails, you can really feel the engineering that goes into the BMW M models.  The V8 sound from the engine is the icing on the cake.


Why has it been important for you to use car detailing services?

I live in London, where space is at a premium. Unfortunately, my cars live outside on my drive and don’t have the luxury of being tucked up safely in a garage every night.  This means they’re exposed to the elements twenty-four hours, seven days a week. They take their fair share of weather, dust from the nearby main road, pigeons, the odd bit of tree sap. The technology in the ceramic coatings that get applied to the paint during the detailing process means that I know the paintwork is protected over the long term. As long as I wash the car regularly to get rid of any bird droppings, it won’t damage my paintwork. It also means that the magic that happens when the swirl marks are removed by the detailing process lasts a long time to leave my car looking good.

Which cars have you had detailed?

I started with my Astra GSi. I had lightly scratched one side on some bushes in a very tight country road. Luckily it was only superficial damage and having it detailed took them all out. My car was nine or ten years old at the time, and it came out looking like it had the day I bought it new. I think from that moment; I was hooked. All 3 of my BMW’s since then have been detailed at least once.

How and why did you select Auto Curators?

I am lucky enough to have known Paul since he first started detailing as Shine On, so I naturally followed him to Auto Curators.  I know that both he and his team are experienced detailers. They are passionate about their business and do all they can to make sure their clients are amazed at the results they get after car detailing services.  They have worked on every type of car you could imagine, from a simple everyday driver to Bugatti Veyrons, so I know that my car is in safe hands.  I know that it will be looked after as well as, if not a whole lot better than I would look after it. The attention to detail that they have and their level of care is really important to me.

What car detailing services have you had carried out on your cars?

I have had all cars paint corrected to remove swirl marks, and initially protected with high end waxes.  More recently I’ve switched from wax to ceramic coatings.

What’s been the best thing/greatest benefit about having your vehicles detailed at Auto Curators?

The depth of their knowledge, the lengths the team, go to to make us happy, and the bacon rolls at the breakfast meeting they organised for customers!  Who could ask for more?!  Seriously though, no problem is too big for them, they’ve fixed alloys and small dents for me while a car was in for detailing, they go the extra mile.

What’s your favourite drive and why?

The Nurburgring. Because the adrenalin rush and thrill of driving it is like nothing else I’ve experienced

What do you love most about your current car?

It was my dream car for a long time, so I love that I’m fortunate enough to own it at least once in my life and fulfil that dream, and just hearing the V8 start every time makes me smile.

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