Auto Curators East London had my F Type coupe for a few days and found a number of paint issues and defects. All brilliantly sorted and the result far surpassed my expectations. I can’t stop looking at it

New Car Detailing – The Lowdown!

So you’ve just bought a brand new car! It’s always exciting heading to the showroom to collect your vehicle, and detailing is probably the last thing on your mind, because your new car should look perfect. Well, that’s the theory, the reality is sometimes slightly different. Why your brand new car needs detailing: Once your […]

Car Detailing Services – Meet Our Clients

At Auto Curators, we’ve found that there is a popular misconception that the car detailing services we offer is a ‘guy’ thing. Not so! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… To enjoy our services; you simply need to own a vehicle you love. And we know plenty of women who cherish their […]

Six questions you should ask your vehicle detailer

My career as a vehicle detailer started many years before I could drive a car. As a child I spent time with generations of engineers and craftsmen, learning to focus on the little things that make a big difference. Over the years my fascination with vehicles grew, and my career path seemed pretty clear. I […]

Car detailing for people who ❤️ cars!

At Auto Curators we will often say, you don’t need to own an Aston Martin to enjoy our services; you simply need a vehicle you love. So we thought we’d produce a series of articles where our car detailing clients tell us a bit more about the cars they cherish.

PPF – Benefits, budget and longevity

Contrary to popular belief Paint Protection Film isn’t just used to protect incredibly valuable cars. Any vehicle owner (or driver) can benefit from the installation of this superior protective product. Discover all about the benefits, budget and longevity of PPF in this article.