“JP carried out a full detail on my van today. Great attention to detail and a constant aim for perfection provided a flawless finish. Would highly recommend auto curators east London to anyone needing paint correction or just a glass like finish on their vehicle. Just superb.”

Post-repair detailing @ Auto Curators

Freshly painted panels will rarely look their best straight out of a repair. This can result from time pressures, skills of the body shop, or a plain lack of knowledge. So, post-repair detailing is something we often receive requests for at our studio in Hampshire. Clients who’ve just had repair work carried out will often […]

Vehicle Detailers and Best-Dressed Vehicles!

Last year we celebrated the movie awards season by writing an article highlighting our top ten movie cars. As vehicle detailers working in Hampshire, we know a thing or two about ensuring a car is red carpet ready! This year’s Acadamy Awards ceremony takes place in less than a month. To mark the occasion, we […]

Professional Vehicle Detailing – Classic Versus Modern

We’ve been offering professional vehicle detailing services from our Hampshire studio for many years. And over that time, we’ve been fortunate to have many precious cars through our doors: some beautiful old classics, amazing supercars and some daily drivers. One thing is for sure; whatever vehicle you leave with us, we will lavish with care. […]

Ceramic Coatings – Questions Clients Ask

At Auto Curators we have been using ceramic coatings at our detailing studio in Hampshire for almost fifteen years. These semi-permanent, quartz or silicon dioxide (SiO2) solutions form a chemical bond with your vehicle’s paintwork. As a result, a ceramic coating offers a long term protective layer and ensures ease of care. Once a client […]

Matte Paint Care & Marmite Discussions

As car detailers based near Hook and Basingstoke, we’ve seen plenty of cars with matte paint finishes. These types of paint finishes can create much ‘Marmite’ discussion on automotive forums and blogs. But love them or hate them, there’s no disguising the fact that matte paint care takes time and effort. Many people wrongly assume […]

Sansom Car Care – Now at Auto Curators

At Auto Curators, our award-winning car care products aren’t just popular with our clients. We also use them daily use at our Hampshire car detailing studio. Unfortunately, the reach of COVID’s chaos seems to know no bounds. So, supply chain issues have meant we’ve widened our net in the search for excellence! It, therefore, gives […]

Cars – To Name or Not to Name

Welcome back to our blog… This is our first post for a while and it just so happens to coincide with Name Your Car Day. Yes, there’s actually a day dedicated to naming your car! As you can imagine, this ‘fun fact’ was a great source of hilarity in our Hampshire based detailing studio. Matt […]

PPF Aftercare – The Auto Curators Guide

As a vehicle owner Paint Protection Film, or PPF, should make your life easier! It’s the only true solution to keep your paintwork safe from impact damage caused by stones and other flying debris. At Auto Curators we are proud to offer our clients the best paint protection film in the business, Xpel Ultimate Plus. […]

Xpel Paint Protection Film Dealer Conference 2020

At the end of January, the Auto Curators team took a break from our much-loved stomping ground of Surrey, Sussex, Greater London, Hampshire and Scotland. It was time for a team trip to one of the highlights of our year, the Xpel Paint Protection Film Dealer Conference. If you follow me on social, you’ll have seen […]

Famous Movie Cars – Our Top Ten

It’s awards season! The Golden Globes are done and dusted for 2020, and the 92nd Acadamy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, will take place in early February. But at Auto Curators we think there is one category conspicuous in its absence. We’d like to see an award for best ‘Car’ in a motion picture. […]

The devil’s in the professional detailing

Whenever you engage a third party to carry out some work for you, you probably check out their credentials. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for house painting, legal representation or any other type of service… Above all, you want to know that you’ll get an excellent job at a fair price. Often there will […]

Introducing Graeme Clark @ Auto Curators Scotland

We’re delighted that our team has grown over recent months. Graeme Clark has opened Auto Curators Scotland. Graeme (Auto Curators Scotland) offers a full range of Xpel PPF services. He cuts patterns on-site on all sizes of Xpel film. He also installs Xpel Stealth for matt and special finish paints and can protect interior high […]

Must-do Motoring Events for 2020

At Auto Curators we’re great fans of motoring events. Sometimes we attend in our professional capacity. Often we’ll attend as visitors. As we look ahead to the new year, we thought we’d bring you a round-up of the events we’re most looking forward to in 2020. Must-do Motoring Events for 2020: 1: Goodwood Festival of […]

GLASSTEC Automotive – Glazing Specialist

At Auto Curators we offer the finest indulgence in car care and vehicle detailing. We have an established reputation for outstanding quality and results. It’s for that reason that when we partner with other businesses, we select our third-party service providers very carefully. When it comes to a glazing specialist there’s only one person we […]

Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

It’s approaching that time of year when it comes in handy to master the art of ‘gift-face’, the general expression of surprise and (un)happiness adopted upon the unwrapping of seasonal socks for the umpteenth year in a row! But, as long as you’re not averse to dropping the odd hint about what you’d like to […]

Winter Car Detailing and Protection

As the temperatures cool, you’ll likely be contemplating putting your pride and joy to bed for the season. We can’t say we blame you! Classic, vintage, specialist and supercars are all a lot of fun in the summer. But your Ferarri or Lamborghini aren’t built for snow and ice. And, older classic cars are like […]

Paint Protection Film – 5 FAQs

At Auto Curators we strongly believe in the benefits of Paint Protection Film. We are proud to align ourselves with what we believe is the best product on the market, Xpel PPF. We know that the installation of this premium product is a significant investment. That’s why we’re happy to answer all your questions. This […]

Concours of Elegance – Hampton Court Palace

A couple of weekends ago, Matt and I had the absolute pleasure of working at the Concours of Elegance. This year, the annual event was hosted at Hampton Court Palace. It’s always a privilege to attend these events. But being part of the Concours of Elegance is one of the highest privileges in our industry. […]

Detailing services & an interview with Flick Haigh

We were pretty delighted to carry out some car detailing services for British GT3 Champion and endurance driver, Flick Haigh, recently. Flick was the first woman to win the British GT Championship premier class. We thought you might like to know a bit more about what drives Flick, and what Flick drives, (see what we […]

Detailing – Not Just for Aston Martins

There’s a common misconception that car detailing is only of value to high-end vehicles. At Auto Curators we’re fond of saying that ‘You don’t need to own an Aston Martin to enjoy our services.’ So, in this article, we thought we would expand on that thought a little further! The Cost of Detailing: At Auto […]

Vehicle Detailing Services – Another happy customer!

At Auto Curators, our main man, Paul Townsend, has been offering vehicle detailing services for almost two decades. Although Auto Curators is based in Hampshire, Paul has travelled extensively within Europe to perform his craft on all types of vehicles (including the occasional boat or plane). We find that many customers return to Auto Curators […]

Vehicle Paint Care – 5 Myths Debunked

At Auto Curators, we offer car detailing throughout Surrey, Sussex, Greater London and Hampshire. As you can imagine, that means we know a thing or two about vehicle paint care. We’re also aware that there are lots of myths floating around about paint care and paint protection. So, in this week’s blog, we thought we’d […]

Selling a vehicle – 3 things to do before listing

Are you selling a vehicle? If you’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to your current car and upgrade to something new then read on. Because in this post we’re going to share some tips that will help you navigate that process! Three things to do before selling a vehicle: 1: Determine its value When […]

Xpel PPF Dealer Conference Follow Up

Well, last month I wasn’t working full-time in our much-loved stomping ground of Surrey, Sussex, Greater London or Hampshire. That’s because I’m just back from the fourteenth Xpel PPF Dealer Conference in San Antonio, Texas, home of Xpel HQ. As a company, we strongly believe in the benefits of PPF. We have chosen to align […]

Car Detailing for a Petrolhead…

At Auto Curators we love the fact that our car detailing client list is diverse. We’re lucky enough to count women, men, companies and collectors as Auto Curators loyalists. Today though we’d like to introduce you to a petrolhead! Pete Osborne is a Tour Manager, and founder, at Petrolhead Tours. He has been planning, booking, […]

New Car Detailing – The Lowdown!

So you’ve just bought a brand new car! It’s always exciting heading to the showroom to collect your vehicle, and detailing is probably the last thing on your mind, because your new car should look perfect. Well, that’s the theory, the reality is sometimes slightly different. Why your brand new car needs detailing: Once your […]

Car Detailing Services – Meet Our Clients

At Auto Curators, we’ve found that there is a popular misconception that the car detailing services we offer is a ‘guy’ thing. Not so! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… To enjoy our services; you simply need to own a vehicle you love. And we know plenty of women who cherish their […]

Six questions you should ask your vehicle detailer

My career as a vehicle detailer started many years before I could drive a car. As a child I spent time with generations of engineers and craftsmen, learning to focus on the little things that make a big difference. Over the years my fascination with vehicles grew, and my career path seemed pretty clear. I […]

Car detailing for people who ❤️ cars!

At Auto Curators we will often say, you don’t need to own an Aston Martin to enjoy our services; you simply need a vehicle you love. So we thought we’d produce a series of articles where our car detailing clients tell us a bit more about the cars they cherish.

PPF – Benefits, budget and longevity

Contrary to popular belief Paint Protection Film isn’t just used to protect incredibly valuable cars. Any vehicle owner (or driver) can benefit from the installation of this superior protective product. Discover all about the benefits, budget and longevity of PPF in this article.