Cars – To Name or Not to Name

Welcome back to our blog… This is our first post for a while and it just so happens to coincide with Name Your Car Day. Yes, there’s actually a day dedicated to naming your car! As you can imagine, this ‘fun fact’ was a great source of hilarity in our Hampshire based detailing studio.

Matt and I both agreed that we definitely don’t buy into the whole ‘naming your car’ thing. And then the conversation moved on…

Why we don’t name cars at our detailing studio:

I don’t really feel comfortable naming cars. I certainly never refer to a vehicle as a ‘he’, or as is more commonly used, ‘she’.

That said, as we explored this subject, amid a PPF install, Matt and I very soon realised we may have inadvertently been part of this strange phenomena.

Cars we have named:

  • First up, when we used to have car trailer, we had a huge VW Amarok pickup truck. My young son, upon first sight of it, was so excited and exclaimed ‘TRUCKASAURUS!!!!’, and that stuck!
  • More recently, we purchased a silver Audi A4 to use as a courtesy car at our Hampshire detailing studio. It’s a slightly older example, from the golden era of smooth, rounded Audi design, a really good looking thing. I’m not sure whether it was Matt or me, but the nickname ‘Silver Bullet’ was uttered and has since been in regular use.
  • Finally, my wife has a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle as her company car. I find it to be a hateful thing, I despise the whining, synthetic noises it makes when running on pure electric at low speed (to alert pedestrians to your presence), and I compared it unfavourably to a milk float. Annoyingly, ‘Milky’ has become the moniker by which everyone now refers to it.

Matt, sensibly, declines to be part of this fashion, although his wife, Sarah, did have a Mini Cooper with a registration number that closely spelt ‘Ruby’. Somehow, that name has now followed onto the new replacement Mini, despite the number plate being nothing like it at all.

Famously named cars we wished we owned:

Of course, this article wouldn’t be complete without a reference to some famously named cars. There have been many. From Herbie to The Batmobile. But if there was one we could call our own and park up in the detailing studio, Matt and I were unanimous… It would have to be The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard. Although to be fair, I’m pretty sure the sight of a 1969 Dodge Charger, sliding broadside around every corner, would have had the same impression on our young minds back in the day, even if it had been called ‘Dave’.

Instagram Influencers:

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming, the beautifully named, “Eva” the E-Type to our detailing studio. This stunning, award-winning Concours example even has an Instagram account. Follow “Eva” HERE.

We are happy to welcome your vehicles, named or unnamed to our detailing studio in North Hampshire. Talk to us about how we can make your car look a million dollars! Contact us HERE.