Famous Movie Cars – Our Top Ten

It’s awards season! The Golden Globes are done and dusted for 2020, and the 92nd Acadamy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, will take place in early February. But at Auto Curators we think there is one category conspicuous in its absence. We’d like to see an award for best ‘Car’ in a motion picture. But as the Academy is unlikely to indulge us in wheel-spinning on the red carpet, we decided to create our own list! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for our nominees… It’s our top ten list of favourite famous movie cars!

Famous Movie Cars – Our Favourite Ten:

1981 Delorean – Back To The Future:

The DeLorean sports car was made by the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) for the American market from 1981 through to 1983. This baby was the best-dressed in gull wings long before the Tesla Model X came along. Sadly, it’s real-life performance didn’t match up with its on-screen time travel capabilities. Instead, it made a name for itself due to its lack of power and performance. But we still love it in all its jigowatt glory!

1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB California Spider – Ferris Bueller:

Did you know this model of car was the understudy? The first draft of the movie script called for a Mercedes AMG. Of course, in the movie, this car met an untimely end… So, it wasn’t the real deal, (too expensive to write off), but a replica… Phew! What’s that they say in Hollywood? Fake it ’til you make it baby!

1968 Ford Mustang GT390 Fastback – Bullit:

Some things you just can’t rush… Filming of the chase scene in Bullit took three weeks, resulting in nine minutes and forty-two seconds of footage. We think it was probably because Steve McQueen just enjoyed driving this fantastic car… And who can blame him?

Mini Coopers – The Italian Job:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking Classic Minis from the 1969 original or modern Minis in the 2003 remake. All deserve a place on our list of favourite famous movie cars.

All the James Bond Cars:

James Bond may be known for enjoying his martinis ‘Shaken, not stirred’, but his drives have always been “Smooth and sweet’! We love them all, but particularly the DB10 from Spectre, which has essentially become the new (current) Vantage. The 1976 Lotus Esprit S1 that turned into a submarine, known as ‘Wet Nellie’. And above all, there’s a special place in our heart for the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that first appeared in Goldfinger. 

1980 Lamborghini Countach LP400S – Cannonball Run:

One of the greatest opening sequences in motoring movie history. If you’d like to refresh your memory, watch it HERE.

1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am – Smokey & The Bandit:

Director, Hal Needham, had incredible judgement when it came to casting famous movie cars. Not only was he Director on the aforementioned, Cannonball Run, he also directed Smokey & The Bandit. Where the leading light was the 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. There were casualties, though. Three stunt cars were destroyed in the making of the movie, with a fourth limping into the last scene.

Bluesmobile 1974 Dodge Monaco Sedan – Blues Brothers:

Now, if we’re talking famous movie car filming casualties, this movie takes the biscuit! For the 1980 film’s main chase, 60 police cars were bought at around $400 each; most were unsalvageable by the time filming was over.

All the Batmobile Models – Batman:

Batmobiles, just like superheroes, have evolved over the years. Our favourite Batmobile, to date, has to be the car driven by Michael Keaton in the 1989 Batman and Batman Returns movies. But who knows what Robert Pattison will be driving next year… Watch the teaser trailer HERE.

1976 AMC Pacer – Wayne’s World:

Four words, just four… So awful, it’s brilliant!

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