Courtesy Car

In order to make the experience of having your car curated by Auto Curators even more convenient, we offer a courtesy car (subject to availability). Whilst we don’t charge daily for it’s use, there is a one off £20.00 administration charge applied for administration and insurance, per period of use.

The use of our courtesy car is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You will be fully comprehensively insured on our policy during the period you have the courtesy car. In the event of any fault claim, you accept full responsibility for the £500 insurance excess. This includes all internal and external damage. The car will be checked on signing out, and upon return, and any pre-existing damage will be documented and agreed.
  2. In the event of an accident, you must not claim responsibility, and must inform us immediately by telephone on 01256 769611 (or as soon as safely possible). If someone has been injured in the accident, you must report it to the Police (by 999 if urgent, or 101 as soon as practically possibly afterwards). Please record names and contact details of all persons and vehicles involved, including witnesses, and ideally photographs of the scene, cars and people involved.
  3. Minimum driver age – 25 years old, and you must hold a valid, full UK driving licence, relevant for this vehicle (4 door saloon with automatic gearbox).
  4. Our courtesy car must not leave mainland United Kingdom under any circumstances.
  5. Drivers must have no more than 6 penalty points, and none for serious convictions such as driving under the influence of drink or drugs, dangerous driving, etc. You will need to present your driving licence to us at the time of collecting the courtesy car, and a copy will be kept for our records. Without this, we cannot allow the car to be taken.
  6. You will be fully responsible for any fines or penalties obtained during the period in which it is signed out to you (regardless of the time elapsed after the period of use). This includes, but is not limited to, fines related to speeding, parking, toll roads, using bus lanes, and congestion zone charges. The Audi is not London ULEZ compliant, so will be subject to the appropriate charge, in addition to the Congestion Charge. You must pay this directly, using the appropriate channels.
  7. Only drivers pre-agreed in writing may drive the vehicle.
  8. You agree to take all reasonable steps to minimise the chance of damage or misuse of our vehicle whilst in your care. This includes consideration as to where it will be parked during the day and overnight, and ensuring it is locked and secure when left, with the keys removed, including at petrol stations, etc.
  9. The vehicle (Audi A4) runs on unleaded petrol. In the event of it being filled with the wrong type of fuel by mistake, you will be fully liable for all recovery and associated costs to repair the car.
  10. The courtesy car will supplied with a full tank of petrol. Please ensure it is returned to us full. There are petrols stations in Hook, approx 2 miles from us if approaching from the M3, and there is a BP service station on the A33 southbound, if approaching from the M4 (less than 1 mile from junction 11). If you do not return the car full, we reserve the right to add the cost of fuel, plus a £20 administration fee.
  11. Please return the car in a reasonable condition. We don’t expect the vehicle to be washed prior to return, but excessive dirt or mess, particularly inside, may be subject to a cleaning surcharge. We would politely request the courtesy car is not used for runs to the tip or household waste recycling centre.
  12. We reserve the right to install a tracking device and/or dashcam to the vehicle that must not be switched off or tampered with. In       accordance with your right to privacy, footage/data would only be retrieved and stored for the purposes of evidence or investigation relating to an incident involving our vehicle. These measures are taken for your safety and security, and ours.

If you do not agree to any of the above conditions, we would please ask that you arrange your own transport or lift.