Where is work carried out?

Our Studio in Hampshire is the ideal environment in which to carry out our work on your vehicle. It gives us a work space free from extremes of temperature, interruption from rain, dust, pollen, etc. We can maintain a sensible working temperature all year round that is necessary for the application of many products, glass coat sealants such as GTechniq in particular. Whilst with us, your car will be kept safely indoors, and is fully insured for the time of it’s stay.

We have a ramp that can safely and securely raise your vehicle. This allows for easy removal of wheels, and completion of work in and around arches, suspension components, and even the underside of the car.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to use our mobile service, we can bring almost everything to you. All we need access to is a regular 13amp electrical socket, and a safe working environment. Ideally this will be a garage or carport, or dependant on prevailing weather and the service we are carrying out, a driveway with plenty of space to work in.

We will not work on vehicles parked on the road, in public car parks, or anywhere that staff safety might be compromised. Some of our clients, particularly in London, have underground garages in which their car is stored. Providing our work doesn’t contravene any building rules (please note, it is your responsibility to check this before making a booking), has access to power within 25 metres of the car, and the space isn’t too dark or dirty, we will be happy to visit you.

We will consider a booking anywhere, providing the above criteria can be met, so please don’t worry about location being a barrier to enjoying the Auto Curators experience.