Where is work carried out?

All work is to be carried out at our Studio locations. Our Studio’s are the ideal environment in which to carry out our work on your vehicle. It gives us a work space free from extremes of temperature, interruption from rain, dust, pollen, etc. We can maintain a good working temperature all year round that is necessary for the application of many products, particular ceramic coatings such as our own Auto Curators Signature Coating, Xpel Fusion, or the Kamikaze Collection. Whilst with us, your car will be kept safely indoors, and is fully insured for the time of it’s stay.

When we are installing paint protection film, we need a clean, well lit environment, free from draughts or sources of airborne dust and dirt. This is vital to achieve the best installation possible, free of contamination.

We use ramps that to safely and securely raise your vehicle. This allows for easy removal of wheels, and completion of work in and around arches, suspension components, and access to otherwise awkward areas of the vehicle, for consistency of a high quality finish.

We currently have our head office Studio just outside Hook, in north Hampshire, and Nairn, just outside Inverness in the Scotland.