Detailing services & an interview with Flick Haigh

We were pretty delighted to carry out some car detailing services for British GT3 Champion and endurance driver, Flick Haigh, recently. Flick was the first woman to win the British GT Championship premier class. We thought you might like to know a bit more about what drives Flick, and what Flick drives, (see what we did there?) So, we asked her!

Flick Haigh car detailing

An interview with Flick Haigh:

How did you start out in motorsport?

Initially, I enrolled in a race intensive course at Silverstone. This course was six days of driving various cars on track and skid pans before being put through my ARDS at the end of the week. Out of all the cars I drove the little Caterhams just stole my heart, they were so much fun to drive. I joined a Caterham race club which is a great platform for amateurs. The racing is very fair and close, and you can hone your car control as they have no traction control or ABS. They are very much raw race cars.

So, what made you decide to move into endurance racing?

It wasn’t really a decision I made it’s just how the opportunities panned out. I had a nasty accident back in 2013 in a Caterham, and I decided to make a move into GT racing. I only did my first 24hour race in Dubai because a driver pulled out last minute, so I was asked to fill in. After that race, I was hooked, I loved how the team element came into play so much more with the reliability of the car, strategy and driver performance all playing equal roles.

What’s been your toughest race to date?

A few spring to mind the hardest ones are really when bad luck can end your race or take away a win. We had a 12hour race at Mugello, Italy in 2016. We were leading the GT3 class by over a lap. When 7 minutes before the chequered flag, the car suffered a failure and stopped on track. My teammate, who was in the car, was then hit by another car. Not only did we not have the win we were hoping for, but our car was also practically a write-off. You feel for the whole team in those situations. My Dad had even gone to make his way to the podium to find that we never showed up. I think that day has ensured that until the car crosses that finish line to always assume anything can happen good or bad.

What’s been the accomplishment you’ve been most proud of in your racing career?

That has to be my championship title last year in British GT. It is such a competitive grid, and I had always wanted to work up to that level and be a title contender.

How many, and what cars have you owned since you started driving?

Oh gosh, I dare not even try and count. I am a huge Subaru Impreza fan; my second car was an Impreza GX a 2.0-litre non-turbo, followed by the WRX. I’ve had 5 Imprezas, including my current one, I love a bargain and cars with some personality. For a while, I had a Nissan 200SX S13 drift car, that was so much fun, with its welded diff it would turn many heads pulling into a petrol station.

Of those, which has been your favourite car, and why?

It has to be Clarence, my current Impreza STI JDM; it’s modified and therefore unique. I bought it in 2011, sold it in 2014, which I regretted. I then came across an advert three years later and bought it back. It’s loud, uncomfortable, fast and just puts a huge grin on my face every time I start it up.

What do you currently drive as your day-to-day car?

I have an X5 40D, it’s a great daily, and with three dogs, I need a car with plenty of space to cart them around.

What made you decide to get detailing services carried out on your cars?

I am very OCD with cars and have always been passionate about detailing and keeping them in the best condition. The cars I have are models not only that I love but also are appreciating, modern classics. I wanted to have them ceramic coated to just tidy up any light swirls and be sure that they would be protected for several years.

How and why did you select Auto Curators?

I found them on Google, I wanted somewhere fairly local to me, and they had such fantastic reviews. When I spoke to Paul over the phone, he was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. So it was an easy decision.

What detailing services have you had carried out on your cars?

I sent three cars over to Paul, a recently acquired SL55 AMG, which was a bit of a restoration project. It was in quite a sorry state when I bought it. Once everything was sorted mechanically the paintwork needed a freshen up and being black it showed all the swirls and door dents up. Auto Curators removed all the dents and then applied their ceramic coating as well as an interior deep clean. The Subaru and my M3 CSL also had the ceramic coating applied, they were in good condition as I’ve taken the best care of the paintwork, but the difference was incredible. They looked better than new.

What’s your favourite road trip and why?

I took part in a classic rally earlier this year, and we did Paris to St Tropez, we saw so many beautiful villages and varied scenery, I would love to do that again.

If money was no object and you could have a garage filled with four cars, which four would you pick?

Impreza Spec C RA-R, Aston Martin Vantage V12, BMW M4, Shelby Mustang GT500 (Eleanor)

What’s next on your racing agenda?

Hopefully the Nations cup race in Italy, in November. However, the goal is to race in the European Le Mans Series 2020.

If you would like to be like Flick and utilise some of the vehicle detailing services we offer at our studios, contact us HERE.