Paint correction and wheel refurbishment for a Porsche Cayenne

We were contacted about the possibility of paint correction and wheel refurbishment for a Porsche Cayenne. This is a daily driven, family vehicle, with duties that include being parked at a station in the week, and carrying kids to their football training at the weekend. Expectations were not for it to ever be a show vehicle. However, it had reached a point where it was starting to look rather scruffy, and working within a budget, this was an ideal time to act and save it.

Upon arrival, the car did look rather sorry for itself. As well as a thick layer of grime, there were obvious scratches and scars on most panels, including dents typical of the station car park. The 21″ wheels had kerbing damage, something very easy to do on such large rims with relatively low profile tyres. But it also appeared that there had been efforts in the past to tidy them up, the tell tales signs of lacquer and paint peeling off the surface evident on all the wheels.

Damaged alloy wheel peeling lacquer

Our first task was to get the car clean, so our usual routine was followed to give the car a very thorough wash, including areas not immediately visible such as the engine bay and door shuts. Decontamination was necessary everywhere, lower panels covered in tar and upper panels in various environmental contaminants. When finished, the paint felt so much better, smooth and glassy, where before it had felt rough.

Indoors, the full extent of the paint defects were apparent. Many visits to hand car washes, as well as the other issues already mentioned, had left a lasting legacy. Keeping the original brief in mind, to improve the car without expecting a show finish, work started on polishing the paint to remove defects and restore a much enhanced finish.

Whilst we worked upon the paint, one of our favoured PDR, or ‘paintless dent removal’ technicians visited to remove the worst of the dents from the doors. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to clearly capture these with a photograph, but when they caught the light, they stood out a mile to the naked eye. Using a series of ‘keys’ to get access to the back of the panel and gently massage it out, the PDR technicians really do appear to work magic. Dents disappear before your eyes, usually leaving absolutely no clue there was ever an impact there.

As can be seen above, through the skillful use of a polishing machine, and a very good understanding of the polishing compounds, we were able to work around the Porsche confident that we were making a huge improvement to the paint. Suddenly the metallic flake in the Basalt Black paint really stood out, and the whole shape of the car seemed to change as the gloss now demonstrated the subtle curves and angles. In an ideal world, some panels would have benefited from being painted, but neither the time or budget was available this time around. So, we continued to do the best we could.

Our client had asked us to remove the ‘diesel’ badges from the front wings, which we were only too pleased to do. Once warmed and gently removed from the panel, the accumulated dirt and polish residue was clear to see. Once the area was cleaned and polished, it looked far better.

When the polishing stage had been completed, the vehicle was dusted down and paint cleansed with a solvent to remove any hint of polishing oils. To protect this beautiful new finish, Williams Ceramic Coat was carefully applied, panel by panel, allowing it to cure for the necessary amount of time before buffing off and moving on. When the wheels were returned from the refurbishers, with their freshly finished diamond cut faces, they too were covered with Williams Ceramic Coat prior to refitting.

Finally, attention was turned to the interior. To be honest, it was in a pretty bad state, everything was sticky to the touch! Starting with a thorough vacuum to remove all the loose dirt, our Refined Leather Cleanser was then used on all the upholstery to remove the build up of dirt. We used the white tissue above just to demonstrate how much grime our cleaner can shift, leaving behind a wonderfully dry, matt finish, just like when it left the factory. If you are using a leather cleaner or conditioner that leaves the surface shiny, be aware that it is ultimately leaving a residue behind that will actually attract more dirt even quicker.

With the car all finished, wheels refitted and customer on their way to collect, there was just time for a couple of pictures before it left us. We’re delighted to say the customer was quite speechless, having far exceeded his expectations as to what could be achieved with his Porsche.