PPF – Benefits, budget and longevity

At Auto Curators (based in Hampshire and London) we’re proud to be official factory trained installers for the best Paint Protection Film, PPF, on the market, Xpel Ultimate Plus.

Contrary to popular belief Paint Protection Film isn’t just used to protect incredibly valuable cars. Any vehicle owner (or driver) can benefit from the installation of this superior protective product.

Over recent years we’ve witnessed ever-increasing popularity in PCPs (Personal Contract Plans) and Lease Contract Hire. When you return your car to the dealership, you don’t want to get stung for extra charges. Paint Protection Film can help eliminate your risk.

Additionally, PPF is a great option if you tend to buy and, over time, resell your vehicles. When you list your car for sale PPF can be attractive to potential purchasers. It demonstrates how much you have cared for your car. Alternatively, you can remove the PPF before a sale and present immaculate original paint underneath. PPF has a patented adhesive that is very secure but allows for removal without damaging the factory paint underneath.

The benefits of PPF

Perfect Protection

Paint Protection Film protects paint against physical impacts in a way no coating or paint protection treatment can. It’s also effective against discolouration and staining due to bug splats, bird droppings, air pollution and road grime.

Super Self Healing

The installation of PPF means that swirl marks, light scratches and hedge scratches will all correct themselves over a short time.

Awesome Originality

If you want to maintain the originality of your paintwork, Paint Protection Film is the way to do it. Respraying a car can be a significant headache, and PPF minimises that risk.

PPF to suit your budget

One of the best things about the PPF services we offer is that we can cut templates. That means we provide a bespoke service to suit your budget. You can sit down with Paul and work out the high-risk areas on your vehicle. You might choose to have PPF installed to your vehicle’s front bumper, headlights and lower sills. Lower sills will often get ‘road rash’ from stones and grit constantly thrown up from the tyres. You can check out some of the coverage options we provide, HERE.

Long live PPF

The finish of Xpel Paint Protection Film is ccomparable or better than, factory paint finishes, with superb optical clarity and no ‘orange peel’ finish. All our installations are covered by a ten year warranty that can be serviced nationwide. It’s also really easy to care for as part of a good wash regime.

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