Body Cleanse Shampoo


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Our luxurious Car Body Cleanse Shampoo is super concentrated to give you more washes in a bottle. With a high foam content to break the bond between dirt and your cars paintwork, this minimises surface abrasion. Formulated to give a lubricated wash, cleansing your vehicle gently but effectively. Dilute as much as 1900:1 with clean water (the supplied dispenser will deliver the perfect amount with a single press), then enjoy the highly foaming solution as it gently cuts through the film of dirt.

– Super concentrated formula car shampoo

– Up to 100 washes from only 1 litre of our shampoo

– pH neutral, perfect for all paint finishes, waxes and coatings

– Strong cleaning power, maximises gloss retention

– Luxurious thick foaming

– Residue free for rinsing

– Our special hand pump dispenser to make sure you only use what you need (1L bottle only)

– Fresh berry fragrance

Directions for use:

Place a small amount in a deep bucket, just 10ml is plenty, then fill with water. As part of a safe wash, we recommend the use of a lambswool or microfibre washmitt, and a grit guard. Avoid washing the car in strong, direct sunlight, or when the panels are hot. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a microfibre towel or air blower.

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