Essential Soak Snow Foam


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Essential Soak Snow Foam is designed to be used as a pre-wash, as part of a safe wash routine. Ideally used with a foam lance and pressure washer, it will produce a rich foam that will cling to the dirt and soften it to be rinsed off. This will reduce the chances of causing swirl marks or marring in your paint. Use approx. 100ml in a 1 litre foam lance, topped up with water. Can also be used with a hand pump sprayer, diluted 1:20 with water. Spray on, allow to dwell for a few minutes without letting it dry, then rinse off before washing.

For 2018, we are delighted that Essential Soak, having been independently tested against our competition, has been awarded the coveted ‘Auto Express Recommended’ status. It’s effectiveness and concentrated nature were recognised and appreciated by the testers, and like the rest of our product range, it impressed them.

– Safely and effectively lifts dirt and grime off all exterior surfaces without stripping sealant or wax protections

– Highly concentrated (Dilute 100ml of product to 1 Litre of water) pre-wash foaming agent (snow foam) designed to dissolve and carry away a high proportion of dirt and grime in a completely touchless fashion

– Fast acting and safe for use on all exterior automotive surface cars, motorbikes boats etc

– Powerful enough to tackle road films that have gone through multiple wetting and drying cycles and become more firmly bonded

Essential Soak Snow Foam will not harm wax or sealant finishes, and is completely biodegradable. If you don’t have a foam lance, Essential Soak Snow foam can still be used as an effective pre-soak by mixing approximately 1:10 with water in a pump spray bottle or similar.

Please note, snow foam lance attachment for pressure washer is not included.

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