Flawless Wheel Cleanser


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Safe for all finishes, Flawless Wheel Cleanser has been designed to take the effort out of cleaning your expensive wheels. Upon contact with ferrous material the solution turns purple, removing it from the wheel surface, along with road film and other dirt. Also safe to use on paintwork where metallic fallout is present, e.g. cars parked near railway tracks. 

– You only need to look on social media to see how many people are raving about how highly effective our wheel cleaner is at easily removing dirt and brake dust, as well as receiving an excellent review in Auto Express magazine, November 2017. 

– Luxury wheel cleaner that is ideal for us on all wheel finishes to include alloy, magnesium, steel, ceramic, chrome, painted finishes etc.

– Acid free and pH neutral so will not burn/blemish your wheel finish

– Lifts break dust and grime, making easy work by simply spray, wait and rinse

– Super high quality concentrated solution only requires a light misting on the wheel

– Safe on paintwork where metallic fallout is present e.g. cars parked near railways

Use only on cool wheels. Spray directly onto the wheel, allowing the product 1-2 minutes to work. Do not let it dry completely. For heavily soiled wheels, some agitation may be necessary. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all residue.


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