Grit Guard


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Our 12″ Grit Guard fits snugly at the bottom of most buckets, and is another essential piece of your safe wash kit. It’s purpose is to allow dirt from the car, carried into the water by your wash mitt, to settle to the bottom of the bucket. Then, the design of the Grit Guard prevents you from picking that dirt up again, to transfer back to your car.

– One piece design, does not fall apart like some cheaper examples

– Essential part of your safe wash kit to allow dirt and grit to settle at the bottom of your bucket

– 12 inch diameter to fit snugly at the bottom of most buckets

You can use the Grit Guard to dislodge dirt from the wash mitt by rubbing them together in the bucket. And while you’re doing this, the 4 ‘feet’ of the Grit Guard stop the agitated water from stirring the collected dirt back up into the cleaner water.

The grit guard is a one piece design, and cannot fall apart every time you use it, like some cheaper examples do. Please note, grit guard supplied may be black or red, we cannot guarantee the colour.

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