Hydro Repel


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Hydro Repel is a drying aid that dramatically boosts the hydrophobic properties of any coating already on your car. Once you have washed and rinsed the vehicle, while it is still wet, liberally spray Hydro Repel onto 1 or 2 panels at a time. Thoroughly rinse with cold, high pressure water straight away. This activates the product, forming a highly water repellent barrier. Once the whole car has been treated, dry as normal with a microfibre towel.

– Amazing boost to the hydrophobic qualities of the exterior of your car, motor home, boat

– Helps repel water and dirt, keeping your car cleaner and easier to wash

– Spray on and spray off, high gloss, liquid crystal finish

– Perfect for use on paint, glass, wheels, trim, headlights, convertible fabric roofs

Used frequently, this will help to repel dirt and grime, and make your wash routine easier. Do not let the solution dry on the paint, and only use on cool surfaces. Safe to use on all exterior surfaces, including paint, glass, plastics, bare metal and wheels.


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