Merino Lambswool Wash Mitt


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– Reduces the probability of scratches appearing after a wash

– Softest wool available

– Long, shaggy wool has an extra large capacity for soapy water

As part of a safe wash regime, our luxurious Merino Lambswool Wash Mitt is perfect for the task. Using a sponge to clean your car will create swirl marks – dirt on the paint has nowhere to go, other than to be pushed and scraped around between the sponge and the paint surface.

Instead, our Merino Lambswool Wash Mitt has a deep pile that grabs the dirt and allows it to be kept away from the paint by the super soft wool. Once you shake the mitt in your bucket, it will release the dirt, thus not carrying it back to another area of the car.

Once you’ve finished washing your vehicle, thoroughly rinse the mitt under clean, running water, then shake out the excess and allow to dry naturally.

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