Microfibre Drying Towel


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Another essential for you wash kit is our luxurious microfibre drying towel. This soft, plush, and super absorbent towel measures 50x70cm, and will dry your vehicle with ease. It is often overlooked that more damage can be done to paint during the drying stage than during the washing stage. Modern clearcoat, as a high gloss surface, is very easy to ‘marr’, which means to cause light scratches in the surface through contact.

A microfibre towel is far more effective than an old fashion chamois leather (even the synthetic ones) and much, much safer than using a silicon water blade. Water blades are responsible for a lot of damaged paint we are asked to correct, even the smallest spec of dirt left on the paint will be dragged across it with nowhere to go. The old favourite, the chamois leather, tends to just move the water around the paint, because it has to be wet to use it.

Our luxury microfibre drying towel absorbs the water effectively, meaning you can pat dry the paint, avoiding any chance of scratching it.

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