Signature Sealant


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Signature Sealant is a sprayable ceramic overcoat that adds gloss and significantly enhances water beading. Apply to a wet or dry car to prolong the life of existing coatings or wax on paint, glass, trim and wheels. Can also be used as a standalone product giving up to 6 months protection. It is brilliant for use on Paint Protection Film (PPF), because there is no risk of leaving a residue along exposed film egdes, unlike with a traditional wax or polish.

Applying to a wet car: Lightly mist onto surface and buff dry with a microfibre cloth. Alternatively, spray directly onto cloth and wipe over the surface.

Applying to a dry car: Make the surfaces to be applied to are clean. Lightly mist Signature Sealant onto a soft microfibre cloth and wipe over the surface. Before allowing to dry, buff residue until it disappears. Do not let it dry on the panel, by avoiding hot panels, or doing too much at a time.

200ml provides approximately 20 applications, depending on the size of vehicle.

Auto Express Review

The product review team at Auto Express were given a bottle of our Signature Sealant to try, whilst we were getting ready to launch. They loved it! We scored 4.5 out of 5 stars, and have been given an Auto Express Recommended 2019 award! They commented, ‘On beading alone, Auto Curators would have taken the victory here because it was strongly shifting water throughout the test, both before and after cleaning the bonnet. It also bettered its Bilt-Hamber rival because you can apply the sealant to wet or dry cars, with little more than spray and wipe’.

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