Sansom Car Care – Now at Auto Curators

At Auto Curators, our award-winning car care products aren’t just popular with our clients. We also use them daily use at our Hampshire car detailing studio. Unfortunately, the reach of COVID’s chaos seems to know no bounds. So, supply chain issues have meant we’ve widened our net in the search for excellence! It, therefore, gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Sansom car care. These specially selected products sit perfectly alongside our Auto Curators branded products.

Sansom Car Care – How we first heard about the brand:

A good friend of ours, James Walker, first introduced us. James is a fellow detailer and UK Rupes trainer; he was also involved in the testing and development of Sansom products. I have a huge amount of respect for James’ opinion, so actively sought to try them. He spoke very highly of the products and introduced me to Sam Hogan, the founder of Sansom Car Care.

Sam Hogan is a very clever chap. He has experience both as a chemist and within the car care industry. His approach to product development really impressed me. Using his chemistry knowledge, he studied the leading products already on the market, then sought to come up with chemical solutions that worked just as well, if not better. But, importantly, he also wanted to ensure these would be safer for the user and kinder to the environment.

As an example, he’s taken an acidic product that uses very clever chemistry to offer a weak pH score, yet acts as a stronger acid. This means the product is very effective, yet gentler on delicate materials and safer for general use. As professional car detailers, we are fastidious about PPE and looking after ourselves. But the general public might not have the resources we have, so a range that has been specially formulated in this way is good news!

Our Top Three Sansom Recommendations:

Three products really stand out for us. We recommend these to clients who visit us at our Hampshire car detailing studio.

Bugsy 750mlBugsy:

This product helps to loosen… Well… Bugs! Given the fabulous weather we had this summer, bug splats were in abundance. Bugsy, with its thicker consistency, is more of a gel. Spray on right at the start of a clean before you do anything else. Apply just to the splats, step back and watch the deposits starting to dissolve and run down the paint.
Buy Bugsy HERE.

White Out Snow Foam 1LWhite Out:

Next worth a mention is White Out. This is a snow foam ‘with extra bite’. Snow foam is a great tool within a safe wash, softening dirt and lubricating the wash mitt. However, too many snow foams are all theatre and very little action. White Out is superb and has a great cleaning ability to cut through dirt on the paint. A must-have for a safe wash.
Buy White Out HERE.

Reactive Wheel CleanerReactive Wheel Cleaner:

Finally, we love the Reactive Wheel Cleaner. Auto Curators Flawless Wheel Cleaner was our best selling product by far, and it worked brilliantly. It was highly reviewed by independent testers, including those at Auto Express on more than one occasion. However, we’re the first to admit that it smelled terrible! That is often the case with wheel cleaners. We were always told if we wanted a better smell, we would have to compromise on the effectiveness of the product. We weren’t happy with that, so went with results over the smell. This is where Sam, the clever chap he is, excels. Reactive, as a ‘bleeding’ wheel cleaner, manages all the cleaning power that ours did, it’s still pH neutral and safe on delicate wheels, yet smells actually rather pleasant! So, it is possible, and Sam has done it. We love it, and the 5L container is great value at just £50.00.
Buy Reactive Wheel Cleaner HERE.

We recommend you select all three of these products for your car care kit. Then supplement them with Auto Curators Body Cleanse Shampoo, Hydro Repel, and Tar Dissolve. Your toolkit should also include the Merino lambswool wash mitts and microfibre drying towels.

Post Detailing Must-Haves:

When your vehicle leaves our Hampshire car detailing studio, we guarantee it will look a million dollars. To keep it looking tip-top, there are a few select products we recommend you add to your car care kit.

Auto Curators Rapid Cleanse Quick Detailer:

This is such a versatile product to have in the garage. As a final, post-wash wipe down to pick up any drips or water spots and add a bit of gloss, it’s great. Or, keep it in the car with a soft cloth, in case of any bird bomb emergencies, to prevent stains on your paint.
Buy Auto Curators Rapid Cleanse Quick Detailer HERE.

Auto Curators Tyre & Trim Shield:

A great product for dressing rubber and plastic. It’s a perfect finishing touch, making sure your tyres are dressed, and plastic trim is looking rich and dark. It’s a well-priced product but makes all the difference.
Buy Auto Curators Tyre & Trim Shield HERE.

Sansom Speedy Glass Cleaner:

As the days get shorter, you’ll spend more time driving with the sun low in the sky. A dirty windscreen becomes a safety issue. Grab a bottle of Speedy, and you can solve that very easily.
Buy Sansom Speedy Glass Cleaner HERE.

You can shop our carefully curated selection of Auto Curators and Sansom car care products HERE. Or, if you have any further questions about the range we sell, contact us HERE.