Correction Detail

A Correction Detail is designed to get even more from your paintwork, whilst retaining its originality. This is a time consuming process, and depending on the type of paint being worked upon, level of defects, etc, it requires an intensive and multi stage approach to the polishing, over a number of days. The transformation that we can achieve never ceases to amaze people. An example of a car that was barely recognisable from before to after was the Audi A8 W12 featured on this site. You can read the article by clicking here.

Alternatively, another great example where we were able to rectify a very unusual problem on a classic Ferrari, was when ‘Silly String’ had been sprayed across the car, deforming the paint wherever it touched. The owner was desperate for a solution that didn’t involve respraying the car, and therefore ruining its ‘originality’. By very carefully dealing with the problem, we were able to restore the original paint, saving thousands of pounds in the process, and maintaining the provenance of the car. You can read that article by clicking here.


Following the same initial cleansing stages as the Enhancement Detail, the paintwork is thoroughly inspected using a microscope and paint depth gauge to assess its condition. A number of test areas are then worked on to establish how the paint responds, and to see if it is consistent over the car. Only then do we embark on a machine polishing process to safely remove every mark that can be, before finally burnishing the paint to impart a brilliant gloss. It is a process that should be carried out infrequently to protect the long term integrity of the paint, but once protected with a suitable coating, and only safe wash techniques are used, there should be no reason to have to carry out work like this again.

The sort of damage we look to remove can come from a variety of sources, but most frequently it is thanks to poor washing. Have a look at the video below where our Founder, Paul Townsend, was asked to help look at the damage caused by different car cleaning options.

Fifth Gear car wash feature, 2009

The choices of paint protection products are Swissvax, Auto Curators Signature Coating, or Kamikaze Collection – full details of these are available here

A Correction Detail will be a minimum of 3 days, starting at £1200.00, including VAT at the current rate. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.