Enhancement Detail

Our Enhancement Detail is the most popular Auto Curators service. It offers significant benefits to any car. We improve the appearance by restoring its finish without having to resort to paint. This is a perfect choice for recently acquired used cars. It can rejuvenate the appearance of a presently owned cherished vehicle. It’s also ideal when you wish to present an asset for sale.

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An Enhancement Detail will follow a well-practised framework. That said, it will always be tailored to address the issues most important to you. So, if your biggest concern is the paint finish, more time will be spent on that. Or if you’re keen to have the leather upholstery deep cleaned, the programme will be designed with that in mind.

The Enhancement Detail Process

Range Rover door half polished

Range Rover door half polished

Firstly, it will always start with a thorough wash that will cleanse and decontaminate your paintwork and wheels. Modern advanced polishes are used via various polishing machines to restore depth and gloss to your paint. In this process, light scratches and swirls marks will be removed or hugely improved. This makes your car look fresh and bright again. Particularly in dark colours, you might have started to notice it looks a little dull, the reflections in the paint rather flat. You’ll be amazed to see the lifeless paint restored to a lustrous, rich finish.

Once we have completed the polishing stage, your paintwork will be protected using one of a number of premium products. Choose from Swissvax, Auto Curators Signature Coating, or Kamikaze Collection; you can find specific information about these products by clicking here. The protective layer is vital to make car care exceptionally easy, all year round. Fundamentally, your car looks better for longer.

The wheels on your car receive special attention, along with rubber and plastic trim and seals that are treated with a protective dressing, and metalwork is polished and sealed. Finally, your car’s interior will be vacuumed, dusted and dressed.


All Good Things Take Time

Audi RS4 paint corrected and glass coated by Auto CuratorsAn Enhancement Detail mainly concentrating on the vehicle exterior will often be carried out in a day, we will focus on the areas you would most like to be improved. We will discuss this at the time of booking, and an appropriate amount of time booked for your vehicle’s needs. If it also requires more attention for the interior, engine bay, or if you’d specifically like the wheels removed to clean and seal them throughout (where possible), it is more likely the work will continue to a second day.

An Enhancement Detail is a minimum of a one-day booking, but depending on the choice of products applied for protection, may require the car to be left with us for 2-3 days due to curing times. We will advise accordingly at the time of supplying a quote.

As a guide, prices start from £695.00 for a 1-day Enhancement. All prices include VAT.




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