Gloss Enhancement Detail

From £595.00


We offer the following optional upgrades:

  • 3 year ceramic coating £100
  • 5 year ceramic coating £200
  • Kamikaze Collection coatings from £250, depending on products requested
  • Interior deep clean, including shampoo carpets and treat leather upholstery £100
  • Wheels off, deep clean and apply dedicated ceramic coating £55 per wheel
  • Convertible fabric roof treatments, from £75 for a clean & rewaterproof. Further options available for recolouring.
  • Engine bay detail from £60.

All prices include VAT.



Our Gloss Enhancement Detail is the most popular Auto Curators service. It offers significant benefits to any car. We improve the appearance by restoring its finish without having to resort to paint. This is a perfect choice for recently acquired used cars. It can rejuvenate the appearance of a presently owned cherished vehicle. It’s also ideal when you wish to present an asset for sale.

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A Gloss Enhancement Detail will follow a well-practised framework. That said, it will always be tailored to address the issues most important to you. So, if your biggest concern is the paint finish, more time will be spent on that. Or if you’re keen to have the leather upholstery deep cleaned, the treatment will be planned with that in mind.

The Gloss Enhancement Detail Process

Porsche 996 911 Turbo 50/50 during polishing

Firstly, we always start with a thorough wash, then cleanse and decontaminate your paintwork and wheels. This will remove accumlated dirt that has built up over time.

An advanced, carefully selected polish is used, via polishing machines, to restore depth and gloss to your paint. Light scratches and swirls marks will be removed or hugely improved. Typically we would suggest 75-85% of marks are removed during this process. This makes your car look fresh and bright again. Particularly with dark colours, you might have started to notice it looks a little dull, the reflections in the paint rather flat. You’ll be amazed to see the lifeless paint restored to a lustrous, rich finish.

Once we have completed the polishing stage, protection is applied to the paint. Our standard package includes a sealant that will typically offer 12+ months of protection and easy car care.

Additionally, we have options for longer lasting ceramic coating upgrades (see pricing at the top of this page).



With all our services, we will make sure the glass is crystal clear inside and out, and exterior trim is dressed and protected.

We want to pay particular attention to what is most important to you. We can remove your wheels for a deep clean, removing old balance weight adhesive, tar, etc, and coat them with a super slick, dedicated ceramic wheel sealant. In addition to the gloss enhancement detail for the paint, you might like to have your interior deep cleaned. We can shampoo carpets, and clean and protect leather to ensure the inside looks as good as the outside. You might like us to detail your engine bay, or to clean and waterproof your convertible fabric roof.  These options are priced additionally, and we would be happy to discuss all of your requirements.


All Good Things Take Time

Audi RS4 paint corrected and glass coated by Auto CuratorsA Gloss Enhancement Detail typically takes up to 2 days. We will discuss this at the time of booking, and an appropriate amount of time booked for your vehicle’s needs. If you request extra attention for the interior, engine bay, or if you’d specifically like the wheels removed to clean and ceramic coat them, this of course affects the time we need it for.












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