Maintenance Detail

From £150.00


Everyone can enjoy a Maintenance Detail from Auto Curators. The full benefit will be enjoyed if your vehicle has undergone more extensive work with us in the past. However, even as a one off, this is a great introduction to the merits of our services.

Every detail starts by getting the basic elements right. Your vehicle will receive a luxurious, thorough, safe wash. We don’t use harsh chemicals, or tools and equipment likely to damage your car.

This treatment will leave your car looking wonderfully fresh and sparkling. Where possible, contaminants such as tar, bird droppings and tree sap will be removed (the time of year dictates the worst offenders!), your wheels cleaned, and your interior vacuumed and dusted. Your vehicle exterior will be given a boost using a gloss enhancing, hydrophobic treatment, glass will be cleaned and tyres and trim dressed.

Ideal if you’re planning a nice weekend away in the car, putting it up for sale, or even a post-winter grime buster when looking forward to the better weather, you’ll love the results. Your vehicle will be completed and ready for collection same day.

All prices include VAT at current rate.


Using Essential Soak Snow Foam to clean Porsche 911 GT3 RS