Paint Protection Film


Paint Protection Film, or PPF, is the only true solution to keep your paintwork safe from impact damage caused by stones and other flying debris. As factory trained installers for Xpel in North Hampshire, we use the top grade of self healing paint protection film, Xpel Ultimate Plus.

The benefit to you is that swirl marks, light scuffs and hedge scratches will all correct themselves over a short time. It is a truly remarkable advance in technology, and really has to be seen in action. Xpel Ultimate Plus carries a 10 year guarantee against yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating. Full details of the guarantee are available upon request, and will only be honoured when the film is installed by official factory trained installers such as Auto Curators.

If you’d like to see what areas can be covered on your car, try the Xpel kit database by clicking here. Please note, that website doesn’t have the comprehensive pattern list available, so if you can’t see what you need, please do check with us.

Xpel have in house teams around the world, designing the pattern templates we use. The film is pre-cut before installation, meaning that no cutting of film is done on the car. Ideally applied over brand new, unmarked paintwork, it will keep the car immaculate for as long as the film is fitted. The PPF fits very close to panel edges, and is wrapped around them where possible, maximising protection, and making it very difficult to see, even when you know it’s there!

Coverage options and price guide

As with any of our services, we are happy to build a package to suit your requirements and budget, but this is a guide to the most commonly requested installation options and prices. The different coloured areas of the illustrations represent the relevant area covered in Xpel Ultimate Plus paint protection film. Please note, prices include cleaning and preparation necessary for the PPF installation areas, but do not include detailing work, paint correction, or PPF specific ceramic coatings that can be applied afterwards.

Partial front end coverage: Front bumper and headlights. Typical cost, £495 inc vat.

Partial front end Xpel Ultimate PPF

Full front end coverage: Front bumper, headlights, wings, bonnet and wing mirrors. Typical cost, £1800 inc vat.

Full front end coverage plus extended/track pack: As full front end, plus A-pillars, front of roof and rear splashguards. Typical cost, £2200 inc vat.

Full coverage: All painted exterior surfaces covered (where patterns and practicality allows). Typical cost, £4995 inc vat.

Installation is subject to availability of patterns templates, and prices are based on using Xpel Ultimate Plus self healing film. Where installations are particularly complicated (e.g. McLaren 600LT), or large vehicles (e.g. Range Rover or Mercedes G Wagon), prices will be adjusted to reflect the increased time and material necessary for installation. Equally, some vehicles require certain areas to use a matte finish PPF, which for us would be Xpel Stealth, and this would also affect the price. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements, by clicking here.


How is PPF installed?

Please take a moment to watch this video we made, demonstrating a brand new BMW M2 Competition being prepared, then having the paint protection film installed, and our Signature ceramic coating applied.

For some further examples of PPF being installed, please click here to read about a Porsche GT3 RS, or click here to see it on an Aston Martin AMR V12 Vantage.