Signature Curation

Our Signature Curation offers the very finest indulgence in car care. Reserved for the most cherished of vehicles, our Signature Curation encompasses every aspect of our combined skills and knowledge. Without exception, each part of your car will receive the attention it deserves, to restore it to the condition you desire.


Typically carried out over at least two weeks (100 hours minimum), potentially longer. We painstakingly re-level your paint to minimise the appearance of ‘orange peel’, where a reflection in the paint appears rippled. This will leave it with a depth and gloss beyond anything which you may have seen before. Your choice of products will then be applied to protect the paint.

We remove your wheels. We will deep clean them and refurbish if necessary. Afterwards, we carefully polish and protect your wheels, before refitting them. Interiors will be systematically and painstakingly refreshed, leather renovated where necessary, fabrics and plastics gently cleaned and sanitised.

If we need to remove any parts for painting, repair or retrimming, we send these to the best third-party experts for the correct solution. We always carefully monitored and inspected this process.

A Signature Curation is a completely bespoke service. Prices start from £4500.00, including VAT at the current rate.

Ready for your car to look a million dollars?

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