Wheel Refurbishment

Your wheels are a hugely important part of your car, providing a large part of it’s visual appeal. Unfortunately, they are also one of the areas most vulnerable to damage. It takes just a second to cause an unsightly graze on the edge of your expensive alloy wheel.

Thankfully, there is a solution, even for wheels with delicate ‘diamond cut’ faces. We can have your wheels completely refurbished, restoring them to an as new finish. This includes matching an OE finish for the likes of Porsche and Audi. If you fancy a change, custom colours can be mixed and applied, giving your car a new look. Specialist wheels are no problem either, diamond cut or polished faces, such as the Audi wheel below can be refinished (conditions apply).


Exotic materials such as magnesium can present a challenge, particularly older wheels such as those fitted the the Ferrari Dino featured elsewhere on our site. We are able to get these safely and successfully refinished, including a testing process to ensure they are structurally safe and sound.

Our increasingly potholed and broken roads, combined with ever larger diameter wheels, mean we’re more at risk of buckling wheels. Run flat tyres have a big part to play in this, their super stiff sidewalls transmitting the shock straight to the wheel. This distortion can lead to an unpleasant vibration that can be felt in the car, and potentially uneven tyre wear. In the worst case, the wheel might even become cracked, leading to a flat tyre or further damage to the rim. Again, in most instances, these problems can be rectified – a crack can be welded, a buckled wheel straightened.

Finally, we can also supply very competitive prices on new tyres, when they are to be fitted at the same time as your wheels being refurbished. Please ask if you’d like a quote.