Audi SQ5

“It’s fair to say I didn’t consider myself the target customer of a detailing firm like Auto Curators. Having placed an order for a new Audi SQ5 to be a family car, I was offered a paint protection product by the supplying dealer (Lifeshine I think). At £500 I considered it to be a reasonable cost, I hate washing cars so anything that makes it easier to look after the car is appealing to me. However, a bit of searching on the internet revealed these dealer applied treatments are frowned upon as being poor quality and bad value for money.

More searching led me to having a professional detailer carry out a treatment for me, and in particular I was drawn to I spoke to the owner, Paul, on the telephone and he recommended the GTechniq products as being great ‘fit and forget’ protection for our new Audi. At a similar cost to the dealer I feel like I have had much better value for money.

The finish on the car when I collected it just after Paul had done his magic was amazing, and in the couple of months we’ve had the car I’ve found it effortless to keep clean. I’ve saved Auto Curators’ contact details and won’t hesitate to book him again as soon as I order the next new car.