BMW M3 & Mercedes ML63 AMG

“After receiving an M3 from the dealer in a shocking state I did some hunting for a detailer. Obviously you don’t want to let someone loose on this sort of work without first doing some research.

I then took a look at some of Paul’s previous work on his website and became a little overwhelmed, thinking that perhaps my car wasn’t in the same league as some listed (Veyron aside ;)). After dropping Paul a line, he quickly dispelled all my worry’s. He went through the options available to me and exactly the type of results to expect and gave me a quote upfront. I was so impressed that I actually booked my second car in to make the trip more worthwhile for him. Even when I enquired about the Divine wax Paul went through and explained where it was best used, and on what type of colours, no pushy selling here at all!
Upon arrival Paul went through exactly what steps he was going to go through, and even whilst working was more than happy to ‘chew the fat’ and tell me exactly what was going on, there was no hidden tradesman secrets apparent here, just hard work.
And the end result…WOW. The work that Paul did on my E92 M3 really is staggering. The shine on the car is so deep it’s like you can put your hand into it and expect to see a ripple appear. This was more apparent on a visit to a client site, the amount of people that stared at the car beggared belief, I kid you not, if there had been a lamppost in the area it would certainly have been responsible for more than the odd accident. At then end of 2 long days Paul went through the steps required to ‘keep on top’ of the work he’d done to keep the car looking at its best.

I would definitely recommend anyone to use Auto Curators regardless of marque, Paul is a genuinely nice bloke who has the rare attributes of actually loving his job and doing it to the best of his ability (bordering on OCD). I personally plan to use this service at least every 8months to keep the cars looking at their best. And to top it all off…..even my wife commented on how and I quote ‘amazing’ it looked, that testimony alone is worth its weight in gold!

Thanks a lot for a really enjoyable and informative couple of days Paul, the world could really do with more people having the same ethics as you.