MV Agusta

“I first started to source a professional Detailer after discovering that various polishing swirls and scratches on my motorcycle paintwork could not be removed by hand. A number of established Detailers in the South were recommended, and after some research I was drawn to the services of Auto Curators. This was for the following reasons.

Firstly, as my motorcycle is my pride and joy, I was not prepared to let anyone near it without a careful review of their previous work including testimonials. I believed that as Paul had previously tackled a significant number of expensive cars including a Veyron, a two-colour motorcycle should present little difficulty. The fact that he was authorised by Swissvax to use their products also provided additional credibility.

Paul was passionate about his work and also motorcycles, which to me was important. I believed that this passion would continue on into his work and would no doubt result in a first class finish.

Prior to Paul being booked, he was more than happy to discuss my individual requirements in detail via e-mail. He was also more than happy to customise the work required as opposed to simply offering an “off-the-shelf” multi stage detail at a fixed price. For example, I did not want him to have to wash and clay my motorcycle, I wanted him to focus towards paint correction.

I booked Paul for a 1/2 day job which was primarily to remove the said scratches and swirls from my paintwork. He arrived promptly in a well kept and well maintained van (I felt this set the scene). After a brief discussion of the job, Paul set about using his skills to remove the defects.

I was extremely impressed by Paul’s care and attention to detail. Whilst my motorcycle is obviously smaller in size than the cars he regularly works on, it does have some quite complex curves and angles which I would have thought would have been difficult to correct. Paul tackled these areas with ease and certainly took time to access all the areas which are sometimes missed by myself. The resultant affect was a significantly more reflective and glossier paintwork, free from defects which I am sure could never have been achieved by hand.

Following correction, I thought Paul had finished, however he then set about preparing the bike for a coating of wax using a pre-wax cleaner. Paul finished off with a coating of Swissvax Best of Show wax, which really brought out a super glossy, ultra deep and wet looking shine.

At the end of the job, Paul advised on how to maintain the finish on my motorcycle. He did not try and push a sale of any product, but instead advised me which of my current waxing products were best suited to the paint finish and how they should be applied to ensure long term care.

To finish up, I can thoroughly recommend the services of Auto Curators. I believe that the service offered was perfectly tailored to my requirements, his approach both pre and post service was truly excellent and his work was outstanding. I would certainly not hesitate in thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

Paul (MV Agusta F4S 750cc Monoposto)”

Paul Sloman