Private Collector

“As an owner of a substantial collection of cars, both modern and classic, including many Ferrari models, in Paul I have truly found someone with whom I can entrust their care.

Having employed the services of several detailers over the years, some high profile, some very self confident, I had been disappointed in the need to constantly check work and point out issues requiring rectification. To me, this somewhat goes against the very ethos of their profession. Auto Curators came to my attention from another collector already enjoying his services, and upon meeting Paul I was immediately reassured.

Conducting himself in a highly discrete and professional manner, I have been both surprised and delighted seeing the improvements he has been making to my cars that I already considered to be exceptional. Paul has a clear, strong work ethic, and seems completely at ease with anything I’ve given him, regardless of value or rarity.

With the increasing value of classic models in particular, I feel completely at ease with asking Paul to undertake the work I want done, safe in the knowledge my investments are in good hands. He continues to significantly exceed my expectations, and as a meticulous person myself, I appreciate the effort that takes.