Winter Car Detailing and Protection

As the temperatures cool, you’ll likely be contemplating putting your pride and joy to bed for the season. We can’t say we blame you! Classic, vintage, specialist and supercars are all a lot of fun in the summer. But your Ferarri or Lamborghini aren’t built for snow and ice. And, older classic cars are like old bones, they need a little T, L, C as temperatures plummet. So, now is a great time to invest in winter car detailing. But, for more reasons than you might think!

Winter Car Detailing for Stored Toys:

If you’re storing your car this winter most reputable storage facilities will include an induction valet. As an example, our good friends at South Downs Secure carry out an excellent 12 point induction process at their humidity controlled, high-security storage facility.

That said, there’s still a place for winter car detailing. If your car is tucked up for the season, it’s the perfect opportunity to invest in some of the care you don’t want to carry out in the summer months; when you would prefer to drive your car than have it out of action for a week or so.

Take, wheel refurbishment, as an example. Your wheels are a hugely important part of your car, providing a large part of its visual appeal. Unfortunately, they are also one of the areas most vulnerable to damage. During your cars winter break, we can have your wheels completely refurbished, restoring them to an as-new finish.

Another winter car detailing service to consider is paint correction. Any correction detail is a time-consuming process. It requires an intensive and multi-stage approach to the polishing, over several days. So, if you know you’re going to be tucking your vehicle up for winter, now is a great time to book your correction detail.

Don’t Forget your Daily Driver:

On the harshest of winter days, you probably wouldn’t venture out without the protection of your coat, gloves and hat. So do your daily driver a favour and give it some protection from the onslaught of salt, grit and road grime.

We now offer a ‘Get Winter Ready‘ car detailing service. This includes a deep clean, paint decontamination and a spray sealant (with a six-month life span). It’s the perfect winter car detailing solution for your daily driver. At around £200 – £250 (including VAT) it’s easy on the pocket too!

Enhancement Detail:

Other options include our ‘Enhancement Detail.’ This starts with a thorough wash that will cleanse and decontaminate your paintwork and wheels. Modern advanced polishes are used via various polishing machines to restore depth and gloss to your paint. In this process, light scratches and swirls marks will be removed or hugely improved.

Once we have completed the polishing stage, your paintwork will be protected using one of several premium products. Choose from Swissvax, Auto Curators Signature Coating, or Kamikaze Collection. This protective layer is vital to make car care exceptionally easy, not just during the harsh winter months, but all year round.

The wheels on your car receive special attention, along with rubber and plastic trim and seals that are treated with a protective dressing, and metalwork is polished and sealed.

Finally, your car’s interior will be vacuumed, dusted and dressed.

Put simply; your vehicle will shine brighter than the Christmas lights on Oxford Street!

Ready to invest in some winter car detailing?

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